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Summer Sweetness

I just came back from my summer vacation from my favorite place the beach. I’ve noticed how the commercials on TV and other forms of media seem to be pushing the end of the summer season and preparing us for the fall. Stores selling back to school clothes, notebooks and stationary and not to mention the mums that are lined up outside our local supermarket. There is a hint of fall seeping through despite the warm days of August. There is a bit of melancholy and change we can feel in the air. We wait so long for the summer season and time seems to be going faster and faster each summer as we live longer. Let’s savor things for a Moment and reflect on this summer: What are you enjoying about the summer and what new insights, experiences or reflections have you had? I’ve enjoyed the warm sun and rejuvenation, getting together with friends and family and watching the birds nibble on the bird seed in my birdfeeder on my deck. I make sure I don’t run out of bird seed! The birds give me great pleasure and I feel grateful for the treehouse atmosphere on my deck. Occasionally I get to watch a hummingbird for a few seconds and it creates an enchanting holy moment. My planters are at their peak of color and I admire the different flowering creations I made this year. They are so ripe at this time and I’m savoring every moment of beauty. I’m taking some time to reflect back to last summer and I can acknowledge the positive growth and goals I have achieved and continue to inspire to, such as my new Coaching practice and some changes in my health and wellness. I’m breathing that in and savoring the sweetness. I invite you to reflect on the changes in your life since last summer and to savor the present moment of Summer Sweetness. What changes do you see in your life from last summer and where are you now in this moment? I would love to hear from you if you would like to share your reflections: Contact me at: If you think of someone that may enjoy this newsletter I would appreciate if you would pass it on! If you have any requests for EFT tapping scripts or videos drop me a line! In Summer Sweetness, Fran Transformational Coach

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