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The Principle of Divine Right Timing How PATIENCE can come to the rescue

Hurry up and wait OH NO! With the summer winding down and the crisp air beginning to fill at least our nights, I find myself planning some short term goals. In my mind autumn represents pre hibernation with a touch of new beginnings! Lately I’ve had more awareness of my need to embrace PATIENCE and be more of the observer in order to see the whole picture. We all have our specific ideas and goals that we want to see manifest exactly when we want them to. Reflecting on some questions can be helpful in developing patience and perhaps seeing a new perspective. Some questions I ask myself are: Is this really the right timing for my request or wish? What is the purpose for the delay as it relates to my highest good? Am I holding on to a limiting belief and if so what is it? I invite you to take 10-15 minutes to journal and see what insights emerge. Can you think of any other inquiries that you think may be helpful? Pause…..Breathe PATIENCE into your Heart Space OBSERVATION = RIGHT TIMING = TRUST Please share any insights or observations with me and if you are stuck let me know if you would like a complimentary Breakthrough Passion Strategy Session for help with the next steps! Contact me at: Fran@franmedinacoaching .com In Trust and Patience, Fran Transformational Coach

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