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Pause Verses Break

Have some decisions to make and not sure what direction to go? Maybe it’s a decision regarding your career, relationship or even a trip or new learning endeavor. You may be feeling stuck and that has caused you to freeze or put on the breaks. How about taking a new perspective and just PAUSE? Doesn't that feel better already? Why put so much pressure on yourself? Do you think it will help you come to answer? Einstein came to some of his deepest thoughts on quantum physics while he was sailing. Go Albert!! Take time to renew and relax. Take a long walk, a relaxing bath or watch a great movie, whatever you love. When your mind is clear do some journaling and see what you discover. A great way to organize your thoughts is to use a Mind Map. Draw a circle and label your Goal in the middle. Draw multiple spokes coming out of the circle and you can always add more. You can even create more circles attached to the spokes. Use some colored pencils or pens to make it more of a fun creative experience. Take a breath and pause and relax your body. Begin to write down ideas at the end of the spokes. Just let it rip and have fun with it. I used this process to organize my house when I was preparing to sell my home. I bubbled out all the tasks that I needed to accomplish and then I put dates next to them. The important thing is to be realistic and not overwhelm yourself with too many tasks. You will able to gain a better perspective of the whole project, idea or goal and it naturally begins to organize itself. Then simply cross off the tasks as they are accomplished. When you are creating your Mind Map be open to all resources, ideas and people that may be helpful. You will be tapping into a vast amount of possibilities. So PAUSE and BREATHE and Have FUN Let me know if you have any questions or if the Mind Map has been helpful to you. Contact: In Love and Creativity, Fran

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