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Are You Aging Consciously?

Over the next few weeks I would like to share some information and inspirational ideas about Aging.

Whether you are young, approaching middle age or have reached past your sixtieth birthday it is a valuable concept to ponder. Our society certainly doesn’t value aging as we well know it's focused on beauty and what is the next best wrinkle cream out on the market. I am referring to a deeper more expansive focus that embraces Aging Consciously. What does that actually mean?

According to Ron Pevny Life Coach the word conscious is key in understanding the wide range of ways that the inner work of eldering may be done. It is also key to the distinction between being “old” and being an “elder.” Conscious means aware. Aware of whom we really are, of our authentic emotions, talents, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. Aware of a growth process unfolding in our lives through all of our experiences, positive and painful. Aware of that within us which is conditioned by the myriad of dis empowering messages that surround us, as well as that which is authentic, natural and life-supporting. Aware of those shadow elements in us – our dark sides – which can block our radiance and sabotage our potential. Over the next few weeks I would like to explore ways to become more conscious of our Aging experience and how to bring more purpose and passion to our lives. Some concepts to explore are the following:

  • Life Review

  • Healing the Past

  • Re contextualizing

  • Deepening our Spiritual Connection

  • Creating Legacy

  • Letting Go

I find these concepts very fulfilling and right on target as I am aging and I am exploring them one by one. Hope you will come along for the ride. If you have any comments or would like articles on Consciousness written by Ron Pevny please contact me at: In Love and Support, Fran

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