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Life Review

Increasing our Awareness is one of the fundamentals of Aging Consciously. A tool that can help us reflect on the significant parts of our life is called a Life Review. There are many different ways to do a Life Review and it is an essential part of the practice of harnessing our life lessons and honoring our experiences. Author Nan Phifer suggests some specific areas to journal on such as:

  • Your deepest yearnings, hopes and fears

  • Experiences of Gratitude and Appreciation

  • People who have inspired or influenced you

  • Important relationships with family, friends, lovers, mentors and coworkers

There are many themes and areas you may want to journal on this is only a small sample. Some people prefer to get their creative juices flowing and may want to add or do an art or music project to signify their life review. Some examples are a scrap book or a painting. Or you may prefer to record a life review and tell your story orally or by video. The sky is the limit! After all this is a celebration of your life. The most important thing in writing your Life Review is to have no judgment on past decisions and actions. Self -compassion knowing we did the best we could along our life path with what we were aware of at the time. The purpose is to focus on the lessons learned. I have found that something magical happens when we tell our story. Insights, connections and forgiveness are some of the valuable gifts we receive. For more information on Life Review check out: Memoirs of the Soul: A Writing Guide by Nan Phifer There are many other resources to use as well. Please contact me with any thoughts or if you would like more information. Contact: This seems like a great winter project to foster toasty inner warmth. In Love and Support, Fran

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