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The Principle of Attention

What have you been putting your attention on lately? Oh yes the Holidays have taken much of our attention in preparation and with sharing our time with others. Now most people start thinking about what goals they may have for the New Year. Starting anew and setting goals or shifting the way we may have looked at things in the past is positive but how about we take that a step deeper? What negative thoughts are you ruminating that may be causing you to create more of the same situation in your life? WHAT YOU FOCUS ON YOU CREATE MORE OF- The Universe will only provide you more of the same. So what should you do? Here are some tips that may help to reshape your perspective and attract more of the positive:

  • Allow the negative thought to come up and observe the feelings- don’t suppress it but don’t attach to it

  • Bring in a positive feeling- it can be a word like calm or patience and practice coherence: breathe that feeling in and out of your heart area for several minutes

  • Ask yourself these questions: Am I over identifying or catastrophizing the situation?

  • Create a new story with a positive outcome. This will shift you out of the endless cycle of negative thoughts

  • Journal on what the opportunity is that is coming up-the secret in the sauce

Don’t get me wrong setting New Year’s Resolutions is a step in the right direction but taking a closer look at our perceptions and what we are attracting with our thoughts= behavior= actions is even more powerful. Lately I have been using some of these tips and I find them very powerful and if nothing else it gives me a creative reprieve from some old stories circulating in the old noggin. Please contact me with any thoughts and ways you have and may use The Principle of Attention: Contact: I am wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Abundant New Year! Much Love and Joy,THE Fran

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