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Visioning Our Best Life

The power of alignment with a friendly loving universe has been most helpful in increasing my faith in Life.

With a world that focuses on lack and the burden of life we often get beat down into a perception of hopelessness and finite options. What if we simply focused on the most positive scenario as we approached the day and envisioned the best outcome? How would that change our perspective and energize our goals and heartfelt desires? How many want to hope aboard for 1 week and see what kind of impact we can make in our lives? To further explore and discover your potentiality play with some of these following statements: 1. I am….. 2. I am best when…. 3. The best thing that could happen to me is….. 4. People notice that…. 5. When I am proud of myself, I …. 6. I am very happy that…. 7. I get lost in time when….. 8. I look forward to….. 9. I am passionate about…. 10. I am good at….. 11. I wish others knew…. 12. I am happiest when…. 13. I am proud that…. 14. I would like to… 15. Five adjectives that describe me are: Have some fun and journal on whatever strikes you’re fancy! If you would like to share any insights or perhaps validations contact me at: To your Highest Vision, Fran

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