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Allowing a Pause

This has been a sad and pensive time for me with experiencing the loss of my loving dad. I am in awe of the man I called my father and it’s brought up many thoughts and emotions that I am reflecting on in my life and gives pause to review where I am in my life.

I have been a passion seeker for most of my life and it has given me the opportunity to follow my heart and seek my divine purpose. Sometimes I don’t cross the finish line but that’s ok.

I am taking a pause in my life now. I continually have so many interesting classes and opportunities that keep presenting themselves. I may not be able to do it fully. I find that very interesting. More on that another time.

My dad was really a Zen guy and he even walked with a graceful stride and he really lived in the moment.

I am now turning in a bit more even though the spring is about new growth. Sometimes you really need to PAUSE. To think about where you are and find that it is just amazing and full of so many gifts. The shadow side and the light side all just perfect.

Where are you putting your energy at this time in your life?

Are you grasping at numerous projects, ideas or emotions that are creating overwhelm and confusion?

I invite you to take a Pause

Where are you?

Here you are………………………

With Love,


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