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EFT a Simple and Effective Way to Decrease your Stress and Anxiety

Are we ready for spring yet? Here on the east coast we are anxiously waiting for spring to really emerge. Last newsletter I introduced my new coaching business and web site. Thank you for such great support and feedback. I would like to share with you a modality that has made an incredible difference in my life. Recently an article I wrote was published in Spiritual Biz Magazine. The article focuses on the modality Emotional Freedom Technique known as EFT or tapping. EFT reduces the anxiety and stress we all feel when we are learning and growing. Stretching ourselves and going after what we really feel is in our hearts. Maybe it’s a new career or vocation? Making a new change brings up many emotions that get in our way such as FEAR that can keep us up at night and weighs us down. Once these feelings are acknowledged then we can begin the path towards releasing and creative action. Some of the clients I work with have secret dreams and ideas they may want to integrate into their life, work or current positions. Or perhaps they are ready to make a move into a new vocation or career choice. They may lack confidence, self-trust and some folks may also feel disconnected to their deep passions, asking questions like what is it that will really make me happy and fulfilled? EFT is one of the magical modalities I use to help my clients become conscious of what emotions are blocking them and step into their POWER consciously moving into their true purpose and passions. Please be sure to download the article. It is filled with valuable resources and information.

Article: Future Events: In May please join me for my 5 Day Face Book Challenge: Thriving in Your Second Act: Reclaiming your Vision and Power. Stay tuned for more information. It will be filled with inspiration and strategies to support your vision and kick up your power. You will become part of a community supporting you to expand and connect to your deeper Soul purpose. Enjoy the article and let me know if you have any questions. Please share your feedback and comments.

With Love and Deep Passion,


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