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Holding Back the Lid?

Is it just me or is this summer moving faster than any other summer? I am feeling a sense of urgency lately and at the same time I am aware of surrender and allowing. I suspect I am not alone. Somehow things seem more important to accomplish. Maybe it’s my age or maybe it’s something in the ethos? I love to listen to the Oprah and Deepak mediation journeys. This time around I got to it a bit late and listened to day 1 this morning. Deepak posed the question Who Am I? My experience was kind of surprising. I started to cry as soon as I stopped and felt the deep connection to my deep desire. I realized that I was holding down a lot of emotion related to events in the future that I have been brushing off. I immediately felt a release and acknowledgement and acceptance and then my heart opened up to surrender. It is not in the stars that hold our destiny but in our selves William Shakespeare So I pose the question what are you holding back that needs to be acknowledged and embraced? Please share with me any thoughts or comments you may have. In Deep Desire and Love, Fran

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