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Loving Ourselves

How do we best love ourselves?

Recently I wrote an article for Spiritual Biz magazine and I addressed these questions as related to our Business or Career. I would like to focus these thoughts on all parts of ourselves. As this is the month for Love let's love ourselves in a way that will help align us to our deep passion and purpose in our lives. These are some helpful questions to ponder: Am I being totally honest with myself and taking a deep look at what feels right for me at this time? The essential step that helps me is to go back to basics: What do I really want? Am I pressuring myself to keep up with others and their needs? Am I squeezing too much into a small space of time thinking I may miss something? Do I trust that if I make a mistake I will be OK and in fact, I may learn something more valuable in the process? I know for myself there has been sleepless nights and worry regarding squeezing too much into my schedule. What feels right in our lives at this time? Do you spend your time and energy in a way that feels right for you? There is no race and although we do have goals and deadlines can we view them with some space? It’s not the goals and strategies that make us feel complete. Take an honest look at your desires and deep needs. What is the first thing that comes to mind? What if you make a mistake will all your opportunities be gone? We all know better and if we give ourselves the space and nurturing we deeply deserve we can see exactly what we need to learn. I invite you to stop and reflect a moment on loving yourself. With Love and Deep Gratitude, Fran

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