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Tapping with Turkey and Mistletoe

So Thanksgiving is behind us and here comes the Season’s Holidays Are you concerned about losing yourself in stress and over eating? Why do we do that to ourselves every year? We attend parties with the idea of socializing, meeting new friends and visiting with family however for some of us we overdo it and go home beating ourselves up. Oh wait family! That’s also not always joyous and in some brings up fears and anxiety. Let’s be real the holiday fantasy is a hard thing to live up to. As I grow older I must admit it has less charge for me and less anxiety but there are still many things to do and temptation of food is all around me. So what do we do about it? I have a simple tool and solution that just might make this holiday season less stressful EFT Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple mind body tool that takes about 5 minutes to learn and can shift the stress response in your sweet brain and balance your energy in about 5 minutes. Try tapping on your food cravings before you attend the party and if that’s not your thing tap on the anxiety of getting this gift list down and all the stress surrounding the holidays. Make a list of what’s up for you and take each emotion one day at a time. Would you like to dive a bit deeper to set the tone for the New Year? Do you want to learn more about tapping and how it can help you solve issues that are creating stress and anxiety? I’ll help you feel like a pro tapper so that you can boost your resilience quickly and deeply Visit my website and contact me for a FREE Clarity Session. We will take a look at your goals for the New Year and what stress or anxiety is blocking you from stepping forward into an awesome 2018 Enjoy the holidays in Peace and Connection, Fran

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