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When is My Ship Coming In?

How many times have we prayed, asked and intended for our dreams and deep desires to show up in our lives? Often we lose faith, I know I have. Many times TRUST is like a blinking neon sign that we see far in the distance. Yet at the same time on a deep level we know in our hearts that abundance is ever present sitting with us as we work, play and reflect. Where does our power actually lie? Yes we know it’s in our heart and in our spirit but what is blocking us from feeling the confidence and empowerment? We don’t really want to look at all our deep dark feelings for fear that maybe we are not such nice people. As children and through the years we created vows that we may not even be aware of that are running our decisions, dreams and desires. Getting in touch with our humanity and embracing our shadow side opens our ability to deeply accept all of our light and darkness. The lower chakras are where we hold all of our vows of Trust, Safety, Desire, Needs, Power and Forgiveness. Learning to fully embrace and accept our shadows is a journey that goes deeper than just our spiritual practice and understanding. It is important to get connected to our bodies and nervous system. EFT or tapping goes beyond mindset. Tapping is one of the most powerful ways to connect to our bodies and uncover healing at a nervous system level to release anxiety, stress, fear and a frenetic mind. It allows us to feel, honor and release and fully experience our deep connection, true confidence and joy. Are you interested in finding out more?

You can contact me at:

New Events: Mark Your calendar!

CLICK HERE: Breakthrough Stress & Anxiety-Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop.

Warwick Yoga Center

54 Main Street, Warwick, NY

Saturday 10/28/17- 1230-2pm

Register: and visit the Workshop page

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