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Grounding and Balance

Dear Friends, Recently I went on my first tour and lucky me it was to Italy! The pace of the tour was fast and full and by the last few days the pace started to catch up with me. Up early and it’s a full day filled with culture, food and history. I was also aware of how important grounding and balance was especially on the road traveling and away from my usual patterns. Taking the time to meditate and ground daily brought me back to center every morning and I was able to start my day fresh and balanced. How do you start off your day? Do you watch the negative news? Run out the door late and scattered? Skip a good breakfast? Communicate too much information to your partner or roommate? (Especially if they are not morning people) No judging just observation…….. Is there one thing that you can alter that would make a difference in your experience in how you receive your day? Many times we are spinning and ungrounded and we may not realize it. We can stop for 5 minutes and ground and balance and that can shift our entire perspective and energy. Try this simple exercise on and my suggestion is to record it into the voice memo on your phone. If you like you can even put some soft meditative music on in the background: Grounding and Balance Visualization Take 3 slow and deep and calming breaths Imagine a white healing light just above your head Allow this healing light to seep gently into your crown, far head and all the muscles of your face Take another slow deep cleansing breath and bring this healing light down into your neck and shoulders Let it gently caress all the muscles and feel the warmth and relaxation Now this light flows down your arms and out your finger tips You feel warm and relaxed The healing white light continues into your chest, lungs and heart space then slowly down into your abdominal region bathing all of your organs in white healing light The light travels down your thighs, calves and feet now grounding you all the way down to the center of the earth. You feel anchored to the center of the earth and you see the fiery red energy providing you with a deep connection and vitality When you are ready wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes You feel refreshed and grounded ready to start your day with clarity and intention Try it and please let me know if it helped you start your day in a more balanced and supportive way. Events: Conscious Connection Network If you are in the Orange County NY area and you are in the healing, wellness or creative arts please join us at the monthly Conscious Connection Network. Our mission is to educate, support and inspire each other and bring more healing into the community. Bring your business cards and brochures. We meet the 3rd Friday of every month. Our next meeting is November 16th and our speaker is Connie Wehymeyer owner of Subtle Energies in Chester, NY For more information contact me at the email below. Much Love and Balance, Fran Nurse Empowerment Coach

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