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Happy Valentine’s Day from Me to You

Dear Friends, Many of us don’t need Valentine’s Day to remind us of the importance of Loving Ourselves and Our Love for others but hey it’s kind of fun. It also gives me an opportunity to shower you all with some heart to heart gifts! I wanted to share with you some lovely and inspiring goods I have come across recently that enhanced my life and makes me smile. If you know about some of these then you are smiling too. SOME GOOD STUFF: On Being Podcast with Krista Tippet- My top Ten Listen to On Being with Krista Tippett in Podcasts. tippett/id150892556?mt=2 Online Course on Insight Timer Free App- Sarah Blondin Coming Home to Yourself Marianne Williamson- Live stream free talks on A Course In Miracles- Healing and relevant to current times- Synchronicity Journal- I have been writing down how people, places and things that come into my life are connected so I may be more aware of the gifts of synchronicity. This helps to see how your intuition and life is always supporting you. The Daily Om: Inexpensive courses on all topics staring at $15- $50- You can keep them forever and easy to access. Libby App- Connect to your Library system and download books and mp3’s for free. They can also be downloaded to your Kindle device. If any of these resonate with you check them out! Have fun and thanks for being my Valentine

Let me know if you like it and if you checked out or enjoyed any of my gifts! With Love, Fran Nurse Empowerment Coach

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