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Stepping Into Your Power and Purpose

Stepping Into Your Power and Purpose Your Purpose is who you are and how that creates your wellbeing. It is who you are being in the world not what you are doing. Your Passion is what lights you up and often aligns with your gifts and talents. Purpose has been a long winding road for me. I have been exploring Passion and Purpose for the past twenty five years. I am a Multipotentialite a term coined by life coach Emilie Wapnick. “A person with multiple passions, interests, jobs over a lifetime, and many interlocking potentials”. I was never lacking in Passion. I had so many passions and creative ideas and was often confused about which one to choose. Can I do them all? Which one should I choose? Does anyone else feel like this? That brought up more self-criticism but what I found was an even deeper issue: FEAR of stepping into my POWER. First it’s important to realize why we have so much Fear. It is hard wired into our Nervous system, brain and body. A cascade of hormones are released to get us ready to flee. Yes! Self-preservation so blaming and judging ourselves is useless and only adds to the negative beliefs and negative energy. What really helps is: Having support and tools such as EFT, journaling, meditation and allies. As well as a ritual, grounding and or a spiritual practice. Equally important is support from other folks on the same journey and a facilitator to help process the insights, hold space and honor all the feelings coming up for transformation and healing. Discovering your Passion Take the time to really look at what we you love, dislike, the environment you want to work in and with whom= the Lifestyle you crave. No it’s not just a desire, it’s a deep calling and notice how it keeps showing up in your heart and is reflected in your life every day. This applies to young and older folks. I started my coaching business in my late fifties and I am continuing to enrich my life with more transformational work and education. So if you are racking your brain and feel like you are spinning your wheels, PAUSE and give yourself a big hug. Perfection does not exist. Choose to do some reflective writing and grounding and in time you will connect with your inner voice. Yes it’s there……… if you feel you need more help I would love to support you. Now is the time to clarify and Step into your Passion and Power: The world needs your talents, gifts and love. So if you are in need of more clarity and feel like you are struggling with stepping up and being seen: Come join me for a 30 minute complimentary Ignite your Power Discovery Call: Contact: Email: fran@fran Sign up for a discovery session and get your free gift: Healing Light Visualization

In Passion and Gratitude, Fran Empowerment Coach

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