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Figuring It All Out

Dear Friends, No need to figure it all out….feels that way when we are making changes like job shifts, moving, investments of time and money and big life decisions or even sometimes small ones.

Most folks are focused on what can go wrong and our stress response and nervous system are there to protect us from extinction!! But what if we do make the wrong decision? Many freeze and stay in fear, toxic worry and then miss out on experiences that are presenting for growth and development. Intuition is always available to us however if you don’t use the muscle our minds dictate and tell us to be safe, stay small and just settle. Intuition will never send us in the wrong direction. It will never be mean and corrective and will softly whisper a message to us in the most loving and guiding voice, symbol, feeling or sound or a combination of all. Cut to the chase because YAK - You Always Know Is it a Yes or a No? If it’s a yes find a way to make it happen and if it’s a no let it go. It will resurface if it’s the most loving choice for you. Getting quiet enough to hear our intuition is the first step and then trusting our voice of wisdom is the process and practice. Taking time to see what is in alignment with us at this time and being vulnerable and honest with ourselves. Often we can ask our friends and partners what to do and look for outside validation and verification. Support is wonderful however only you know what resonates with you and your soul. So look at it as a creative journey and endeavor not a hard obstacle. Get quiet and take time to hear the messages and you will start to notice all the support and synchronicities around you. Have faith and trust and give yourself some space to reflect. Much love in your choices, Fran Nurse Empowerment Coach

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