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About Fran

I would like to share with you my personal journey. I have been a RN for over 37 years and I have worked in many areas of nursing. Energy Medicine and Holistic and Integrative Modalities has been one of my major passions and part of my Life Calling. During my middle years I knew I had a passion to help others connect with their life purpose however I was feeling disconnected in how to create that vision. I studied many holistic modalities including, Reiki, Acupressure and Aromatherapy and had healing practices for short periods of time as well as teaching Reiki for several years. I began to feel more of a need for flexibility and freedom and meanwhile I worked at various nursing positions and even some of jobs such as real estate.

At this time I was becoming conscious of and what my spirit was yearning for. Thinking when am I going to really do what I came here to do? I certainly had passions but how did they fit together to create a satisfying connection to my life purpose and create flexibility and freedom?

I was introduced to Coaching and I was able to see how I could create my passion, help facilitate healing and have the flexibility and freedom my heart has been yearning for and my intuition was guiding me towards. With this journey in mind I have created a coaching practice and program focused on supporting others to feel more alive, joyful and fulfilled in their life. Combining heart centered compassionate coaching and energy work provides a powerful combination facilitating renewal towards resilience, inspiration and reconnection.

It is my desire to support you through any transition into finding your spark and help facilitate possibility and pure joy as you continue consciously towards your healing journey.

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