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Living your Passion?

Last week I discussed finding your passion by identifying what makes you happy. You know really HAPPY? What are you really good and what do you look forward to? Let’s Honor and appreciate our gifts and spend some time reflecting on what we need at this time in our life. Make a list and simply pick the top Passion to focus on. Trying to do too much is not only impractical but downright overwhelming. I heard a great quote the other day: In the process of change the step must be big enough to matter but small enough to manage-Marty Rossman M.D. What may be blocking you from taking the next step? It may be a Limiting belief which you have picked up many years ago from a person, media and or the WORLD. These beliefs have been living rent free in your mind and entire energy system. What Limiting Belief is running your life? Many of us have emotional patterns that we may or may not be conscious of. It certainly is a process to release and self-compassion and patience are needed in order to become vulnerable and reflective. The first step after you identify a Passion Goal: Check in and see honestly what comes up. Some common emotions that can come up are fear and perfectionism causing procrastination. A big one is Self-Criticism- I’m not talented or good enough to step into my passion. Shame and Insecurity are also common emotions. Try using this scale to clarify what is going on inside. It helps to bring your emotional patterns out in the open and to do some journaling on how you are feeling once you identified the area to focus on. Which emotional patterns and self-limiting beliefs are coming up when you try to move forward with your passion and or purpose? When identified please rate them on a scale 0 (None) ____________________10 (Worst) Fear________________________ Inner Critic ___________________ Self-Judgment ________________ Shame_______________________ Insecurity_____________________ Others_______________________ Try This On For Size: Take some deep breaths and relax your mind and body Acknowledge what feelings are coming up without pushing them away Try to look at the feelings as an Observer without Judgment Send some deep self- compassion to yourself by breathing that compassion into your heart area Do some inquiry and ask yourself this question What do I get out of not thriving in this area? I would love to support you to get a breakthrough. If you would like to have a complimentary Discovery Session with me contact me at:

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