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Self-Care and Resilience

Dear Friends,

Things have certainly changed in 1 month. I pray this newsletter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. Although we are not out of the woods and we haven’t reached our peaks, our epidemiological rates are slowly stabilizing, and the country is united in social distancing.

I have never been prouder to be a nurse and to be part of the health care field. I started a Facebook community for Health Care Providers for Self-care and Stress Resilience. Please share with any health care provider, in all fields that may benefit. This group has resources, tools and provides a place to voice feelings and receive support:

This has been a time of increased anxiety, uncertainty, fear and sleepless nights. Resilience means bouncing back from any event that affects you mentally, physically, emotionally and or spiritually.

Here are three simple ways to ground and to create a place of peace and renewal:

1. Create a sacred space in your house. That may be more challenging since our homes are filled with more family members. Take a corner of a room and claim that spot as your centering space. Bring a candle, picture, flowers or any object that represents a special symbol.

2. Take 10 minutes to: Breathe in PEACE and Breathe out CALM. Choose any words that resonate with you. Use any other meditation practice that you enjoy. There are great apps such as; Insight Timer, Headspace and PTSD Coach.

3. Keep a journal to record your thoughts and reflections. Journal 5 minutes and you may use a prompt such as – What do I need to know today? Journaling is a powerful way to receive insight and guidance.

I would be happy to offer a free 30-minute clarity session to see how we could work together to create a specialized resilience plan for you, any friend, or family member. You will have an opportunity to share your concerns, discuss your goals and receive helpful guidance with anxiety and stress.


Be Safe and Well,


Nurse Empowerment Coach

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