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Synchronicity – Carl Jung coined the term and according to Deepak Chopra Synchronicity comes from the word Chronis – or time. Synchronous has the same meaning as co incidence-many incidents and improbable events that come together in time. Often it has to do with an intention you had. The event is meaningful to you and increases your awareness and enhances your intuitive experiences - A connection with your own soul.

It’s helpful if you begin to see the world as an extension of yourself and have Clarity of intentions.

What do you notice that keeps popping up in your life at this present time? What are the unlikely incidents that are happening together?

Where is your focus and intention leading you? Do you find that you are following the next sign or next step? Have you lost the thread because your attention is distracted? Often we lose our attention and let the external world consume us. Or perhaps we doubt that we are being guided by a consciousness and divine grace.

Scientifically speaking we have a part of our brain called the RAS-Reticular Articulating System. The RAS is a filter that helps you focus on your intention. For example if you want to notice green cars all of a sudden your brain will filter and look for green cars and you will notice them all over the place. So anatomically your brain is helping you manifest your desires and your energy system is supporting that as well.

The Synchronicity Challenge - Start looking for Synchronicities.

Over the next 4 weeks experiment with your intentions and notice your synchronistic hits.

Write out an intention in the present term – for example: I am meeting helpful and loving new people who are expanding my circle of friends and experiences.

Keep a daily log of anything you notice that comes into your path to help you and is related to your intention. It can be people places, situations. Notice timing and occurrences.

Ask yourself what does it mean?

Please share your outcome and have fun – bring a creative light approach. After all you are co-creating with the Universe and what could be more joyous than that.

Have a wonderful month. Enjoy the summer sun and happy weather.

Much Love, Fran Nurse Empowerment Coach

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