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Letting Go

Recently I lost many important documents that I created on my computer. At first I started to beat myself up about it since I neglected to back up this important work. I’ve always been resistant to learning things on the computer. Technology is not something that I enjoy is an understatement. After I finished blaming myself and staying stuck in the fear and discomfort I took steps to try and retrieve the information. At this point I am still in wait mode however a clear thought occurred to me through all the emotions. What would be the worst thing that would happen if I truly lost this information and let it go? Would it really alter my life in any significant way? What can I do to help let it go and move on? When I released the grip and started to allow acceptance I began to feel free. I can REORGANIZE-CONDENSE-RECREATE. IT FEELS GOOD TO LET GO. What do you need to let go of today? I know... instant blocked thoughts are popping up. This is certainly a process but letting go starts with a thought. The rest will follow if you ALLOW. Please share what you are letting go of and what works for you during this process. Contact: In Love and Letting Go, Fran

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