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Treasuring Our Loved Ones

I couldn't do this next newsletter without writing about my beloved dog Lenny who passed on 12/1/15. As I write this it is hard not to cry and acknowledge how much my entire family misses him. Lenny just turned 13 years old and he was my constant companion. Len as I called him was always beside me everywhere I went. He was my Boo and it is a difficult loss for me. Lenny was a trooper since he hung in there with some heavy chronic health issues. It got me thinking about many things especially how blessed I was to have him in my life. Each one of my dogs taught me different lessons. Nicky was pure freedom and happiness, Herkie Monster was a funny guy with a big heart and made everyone smile. Then there was Len loyal and easy going. I traveled down to Florida with him by car and he enjoyed every minute. Took him to Lowe's and put him in the shopping cart without a peep! I know they are all together now happy and healthy and at peace. I know some of you are going through losses at this time or reminders of things from the past. Perhaps some memories that are painful and bittersweet. I am grateful for all the ups and downs as nothing lasts forever good or bad. The Holidays are a sweet reminder to remember others and enjoy what is right in front of you today. Is there something you may want to ACKNOWLEDGE and smile about today? I wish you all a Happy Holiday and I am grateful to be on this journey with you. Any comments please contact me at: In Purest Love and Appreciation, Fran

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