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Integrating Empowerment and Compassion

Many of us are so full of ideas and creative thoughts. We may secretly have a vision we want to create and ignite. We may have been sitting on this vision for years. One of our major blocks in creating our deep desires is the need for PERFECTION. The quest for collecting and taking in new information. You know the proverbial Shiny Object Syndrome. The need to have everything absolutely perfect before we move into action. I certainly have experienced those delays and fears. I have not met anyone who is creating a vision or change in their life who has not had terrifying moments or sleepless nights. It is really not our fault. It’s the way we have been wired and the endless experiences that we have had some conscious and mostly subconscious that runs our decisions and actions. Our reptilian brain is trying to keep us safe and it controls our next steps in creating our calling. So what are we to do? We often feel stuck and the fear can be so tricky and devastating. I have seen it in age groups that range from college grads all the way up to baby boomers. When we want to make a change and step up it can be crippling and terrifying. A few things that have helped me is to remember no matter what level you are at when you step up the fear is going to happen. The more you step up the more aware you become of the negative patterns. As you take each action step you also build a bank of experiences. But it’s also easy to isolate and spin in your head. How do we integrate this knowledge and insight to start to move towards our goals and vision for our lives? One of the ways that I deal with fear is using tapping (EFT) since the core emotions and past experiences are wired into our energy system. You can track it through each Chakra it’s an amazing process. The chakra centers hold 7 levels of consciousness and they have incredible information about our deep issues including safety, trust, deep desires and self-compassion. Here are a few tips and actions you can take:

  • Tune into your body and recognize where you are feeling the distress

  • Ground into your body and use a tool or practice for awareness that resonates with you such as EFT, Breathing techniques, visualization and tune into your Chakras

  • Allow and Honor where you are with deep self-compassion. Your mind is only trying to protect you from old hurtful patterns and experiences

  • Ignite your Power through support either through a Mastermind program or a coach or both

It's time to clarify what it is you really want and discover what’s stopping you from getting that exact result In Support and Love, Fran

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