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Renewal and Release

Can you feel the end of Winter yet? Not yet? Well soon enough and am looking forward to the spring as we all are. This year I have a new garden and backyard to explore and enjoy. I moved in the Fall and I am excited to see the plants and perennials established. Let’s take some time to Renew Is there something you may be holding on to that you are ready to let go of? Sometimes not so easy. When do the plans and strategies give way to trust, faith and divine action? Where are we getting our inspiration from? It is all within us. Are we really listening to the Voice of Wisdom or are we in the web of our regrets? Desires in our lives take time to come alive but we can stand in their truth with daily rituals, reflection and inquiry. These practices are powerful and also bring much inspiration and sustenance to our soul. A wonderful practice is Attitude Breathing Technique developed by HeartMath Take five minutes several times per day Focus on the heart as you breathe in concentrate on a positive feeling or attitude as you breathe out Lock in this new feeling as you continue to breathe in and out through your heart Select new feelings to help you de –stress This is a simple practice that only takes 5 minutes. Try it and Renew and Release For more information on HealthMath: Enjoy the end of the winter… I hear the birdies singing every day….can you? In Sweet Renewal, Fran

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