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Intuition and Choice

The concept of Intuition fascinates me. I have for many years thought of this thing called Intuition as something I had to get. As though I had to earn it or it was something like the old man in the sky concept of God that was going to grant me something if I was good enough. My understanding is growing every day as I live my life and stay open to people, places and situations that are put in my path. Intuition lives within and simply opens up to you when you make the choice to quiet the mind. Often we have difficulty connecting to our intuition because we worry, stress and constantly search for how to fix a situation. We basically try to worry our way out of a problem. We all do that and what I have found is that it puts up an invisible wall or barrier to connecting to our creative flow. What makes it worse is then we feel guilty and shame ourselves for not being able to find that right answer. Intuition is simply a choice. It is not a final destination. It is a flow of information from your internal GPS guidance system that is always available. The key is to let go and quiet the mind. There are endless ways to connect to your intuition. The following is a practice I use that has provided me with peace and inspiration: 1. Accept where you are and don’t fight your feelings. 2. Allow what needs to appear to surface without judgement 3. Take some heart centered breaths 4. Once you are relaxed and quiet place your hand on your heart 5. Ask SOURCE and your higher self or true nature to show you what you need to know 6. Allow any symbols, words or inspirations to rise 7. Journal on what this means in your life for today There are many ways to connect to your intuition. I am always open to learning and I find the entire process creative and deeply comforting. I have recently started to keep a Synchronicity Page in my journal. I note how the Universe is sending me answers and direction so I can see how my intuition is guiding me. This gives validation and helps in seeing the patterns and trusting the process.

I would love to hear from you and how you connect to your Intuition. Or if you have any comments or questions. You can contact me at: In Inspiration, Fran

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