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Creating Rituals Creates Presence

Dear Friends, Over the years I have created a deep and meaningful ritual that I fall into every morning. It didn’t start out as a ritual but just an idea and a desire. I worried about the discipline part but also was open to exploring and I had a deep need to set down some grounding in my life. First it started with a commitment and an idea to pray for myself and others in my life. I felt immediate comfort and as time went by I began to take on new practices and ideas as I remained open to what I truly needed each day. In flow people, places and situations generated new ideas, practices and expansion. The idea of taking some time every morning for myself became a ritual. As a nurse and coach I have spoken with hundreds of clients and patients. There is such a resistance to creating a ritual or to designate time to one’s self. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a morning or evening run, a meditation practice or sitting down and drawing in a coloring book. Most folks just don’t want to do it. Perhaps there are other forms of rituals that are more appealing? A sister trip each year, a team sport that brings friends together, a networking group or circle that is aligned with your interests. Start somewhere as rituals bring comfort, self-expression and creativity to our lives. Creating a ritual also to establish life transitions and celebrate successes are a beautiful way to mark change and growth. Is there something you want to acknowledge in your life right now? Perhaps taking the time to honor the shift or event will add just the creativity, heart and compassion you need. It can be a grand or tiny gesture. Please share your idea for a ritual and or a ritual you incorporated into your life. What are you taking the time to acknowledge? What is a new way to express this time in your life? How does it create presence and peace? With Love, Fran Nurse Empowerment Coach

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